* Allow God to vice-grip your heart, to be broken over something, someone in need other than yourself. Allow Him to touch your heart in the areas where His is broken.

* God’s will has far more to do with where you are in Him than where you are in the earth.

* We are called to be thermostats, not thermometers. Quit complaining about the temperature and atmosphere, and start setting it.

* Lose yourself in intimacy with Him, and find yourself in servitude of others.

* The desire to lead must not be pursued with an immediate ecstatic rush but rather a humble, persistent gravitating sense of destiny.

* Have you ever been so broken within that you were weeping before the Lord, truly crying out to Him, in desperation? If so, was it because of pain, agony or heartbreak? Perhaps many of you have. But what about crying out to Him, in agony, undone, heartbroken because you just realized how bad your sin is, how much it hurts His heart, and how desperate you need Him? And how desperately He loves you? And perhaps how desperately you may allow yourself to desire Him?

* The three main motivations that keep me walking in holiness are my desire to be in love with and pleasing to Jesus, dedicating and preserving myself for my future wife, and operating in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

* It is vital that we come to places of complete, humble, passionate surrender to Him, which leads to genuine, selfless availability to others.

* We must strive to see everyone through the same set of eyes and motives.

* May your greatest suffering become your purest altar.

* There is an eye to every storm, a secret place of humble, trustful intimacy with Him.

* Helping people is my respiration. Without it, without His heart pulsing through me, this world has nothing for me.

* It’s okay to be afraid amidst your faith. The fire of faith and ice of fear together can still make scalding hot water.

* You can tell a lot about the character of a man by how he handles people and situations that can do nothing for him. (quote not mine)

* There must be a place where everyone has significance, where all people can be accepted and embraced. I want to make this place. I want to be this place. I want to be personally responsible for someone being genuinely touched, healed, accepted, encouraged, liberated…and I want to go and find them wherever they are. I want to remember that I am that place, so I’ll bring it to them, to their world. They are worth it, more than worth it.

* What makes us think our sin, our unworthiness, our failure is more powerful than the Cross, the single act that pins the quilt of humankind to the canvass of eternity?

* Train yourself in the art of fellowship with the feeling of feeling-less faith. Know what this place feels like, and be at rest in it. You’ll need it.

* Being on fire might be likened to wood burning. It can burn out if there isn’t enough wood. However, there is a place in God where the atmosphere itself is liquid fire. The entrance is a low and narrow gate, but the space behind is an endless expanse of ballroom dance with the Creator and Savior of the universe.

* I would rather be clean and weak than dirty and strong.

MORE ONE-LINE THOUGHTS TO PONDER… (some of these are not mine)

* I will go after a whale…and when I do, I’ll remember to bring the tartar sauce.

* Fixed-minded thinkers wait for the external to change, avoid challenges. Failure defines them. They think they have to always prove themselves. They believe they have to go find the right person if something is wrong in a relationship. They don’t do good at taking responsibility.

* Increase thinkers understand that marriages are made, not found. Failure doesn’t define them. Instead, every step is a step towards the future, becoming everything God intended you to be.

* The key to the anointing–if I must speak so shallowly and focus idolistically on it for a moment–is you are in love with Him and know Him, and He can trust you to be humble, not seeking your own agenda…and desire Him more than His power. Your favorite place must always be that secret place with Him.

* Could you go a day without worrying or praying for yourself? Or doing your little confessions? It’s about intimacy with Him. The armor of God is not something you recite! It’s prayer itself!

* We were already punished through Christ.

* Don’t just believe His word, believe it for yourself.

* There is healing in the hurting…in your hurting.

* All possibilities gone? Impossible, because the God of impossibilities surrounds me.

* Temper: work on it for your sake, for the sake of receiver (to whom you are a debtor of grace), and the little eyes that watch and will one day imitate your every move.

* Don’t obey, seek God, go to church, or live life just to be blessed. Do so simply because He’s worthy, and to be a contributor, not a consumer.

* Be a light, serve somehow. Otherwise you suffocate in your gifting and testimony.

* When life seems too tough, there is the flag: renew your mind. Meditate, verbalize, apply, personalize His word and ways.

* Life follows thoughts, never goes above it. As a man thinks, so he is (Proverbs).

* If the little ones come to a place where they want to pray more and socialize a little less, or not hang with the group of party people, don’t discourage them. Instead, embrace it, thank God, and know they are investing in the kingdom, in their future, in their eternity.

* Don’t train children to be selfish or vengeful, even in little ways. Little comments, attitudes you make go such a long way, one way or the other.

* There needs to be greater sensitivity within the Church and a willingness to reach all. There needs to be a stronger understanding of biblical masculinity rather than cultural masculinity.

* He watches over His word to perform it, not our emotions. Have faith in word by holding to it within and declaring it true for you [personal note: angels, HG, ask, command hands, faith moves Him].

* Don’t be a crisis Christian. Seek Him daily in the good as you would in the bad.

* Don’t be a crisis spouse, likewise.

* You will have an oblong, imbalanced walk when prosperity isn’t balanced with selfless, immaterial stewardship. The extra is not yours. It was intended for your children, family, and other people. Don’t live above your people. David, Solomon where kings. Their riches belonged to the state, to God and Israel. And Abraham was father of Israel. God’s plan to fatten you is not for you!

* The mouth is connected to emotions. Emotions are attached to our thoughts and memories. We weren’t made to forget memories, but they can be healed by being cleansed from harmful emotions and having grace-filled ones attached to them in their place.

* What you are saying, you are activating (emotions, word, +/-, etc). Is it possible for you to live a disciplined verbal life? Do you want to? Do you expect God to make you that way, or do you think you ought to obey Him when He commands you to do it yourself?

* You have the capacity to dullen or open your spiritual eyes, the eyes of your heart.

* You can activate joy and the other aspects of the fruit of the Spirit (especially when mixed with determined faith).

* Mood affects revelation and opportunity.

* Thoughts, words, actions, habits, character…they become, even determine your destiny.

* No rules should exist without relationship, whether with God, in parenting, or perhaps any arena of life. No Pharisee ever brought anyone to Jesus.

* Pray like it all depends on God. Live like it all depends on you.

* May God give us the courage to begin things that take longer than our lives to complete.

* When offended, tell the offender once with a hug in deep love, walk away, and allow that love to advocate for you rather than your anger.

* The area in which I honor God is area He’ll honor.

* Honor and acknowledge Him in all things.

* Increase the size of God in your eyes.

* Prayer is a plant to be nourished, watered, lest it die. Catherine McAuley

* We should love duty and not just do what is dutiful. The river of peace running through it makes sedimentary deposits…reward, motivation, momentum.

* Paul learned the secret, how to walk in all things through Christ, how to abide contented in abasement, in abundance, how to turn the other cheek because 1st slap didn’t hurt. Peace from surrender to Him was a protective buffer, guarding his heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

* Heb5 … Old Testament’s purpose (He10:1, Col2:17) to glorify Jesus, explain how He was to fulfill, explain new, better way, strengthen our hope. If the Law is a thermometer, Jesus is the Doctor.

* Shallow Ground: faulty conversions…people can turn to Jesus for about anything, but at some time the person must turn to Him for the deeper issue, the disease of sin. Something must bring desire for change of heart from the inside, not the outside.

* You are close to someone by time you spend together, listening, sharing, laughing and loving…not just learning about from a distance. All so true with God as well as people.

* Believe all of His word. Trust all of Him. Don’t be afraid to believe. You’re not expected to be perfect. It’s something you work and build and grow. Just as it is with muscular development, faith is something you grow by exercising it, not asking God for more of it. He already gave us a measure of faith. (Gifts and fruit of the Spirit are likewise organic and dynamic in this way.) When you ask for patience, He’ll give you an opportunity, not a feeling. We ought not be focusing on faith for self image within or without. We are not to be spiritual bodybuilders, but rather athletes. Too many in ministry are like bodybuilders. But prayertime is more productive when exercising faith praying for someone sick than selfishly asking for faith (probably for your own situation). Quit wasting your time in prayer with little nursery rhymes and worship Him and then pray for others’ needs, and then say Amen!

* Peter, follow Me… Who is this Man? They were in a crisis. And like the prodigal too. But when He asked who do they say He is, He wants to know if you’ll bow to what they’re saying. He’ll then ask you who you say He is. when you know that, He will then tell you who you are. then this is what hell can’t prevail against. Father revealed. Faith, open heart. In crisis is only way you’ll really know who you are and what you believe. Doesn’t mean you’ll handle it perfectly at first. But God shows Himself best in extremes. You’ll be on your death bed, at bottom of well, etc, then He will come in. He’s working out stubbornness, flesh, not always soft bread in His hands so stone has to be broken.

* He had to correct not only misinformation but the effective attitude that resulted. He also used a situation that helped Job to know himself better and to bring him closer than before possible. He still loved Job even when He knew he or Peter would betray, just as a father would his child. But friends can’t do that as well.

* Our ability to relate to each gender stems from our relationship with each of our parents.

* Leader: great ambition for institution more than self, servant, steward, guardian, relevant, sensitive to ground level people.

* Never contribute to negativity or division.

* Be love, water and seed to all.

* Observe the true passion and the genuine, pure motives of true servants.

* Strive for only positive, faith-filled reaction, expression, attitude, behavior at all times, all situations, all people.

* The sword sent to divide families did not have to do with bashing, being harsh, and giving ‘tough love’ with His word. It was referring to persecution that might be experienced for loving, following Jesus and loving others beyond the world’s way.

* Closer to God: more holy, humble, content.

* Full reward of good and bad: not immediate.

* Protect the marriage covenant, guarding and caring for the sanctuary, spouse, internally and externally.

* Being a believer doesn’t mean you are a Christian. A true Christian is a follower of Jesus, not a fan.

* There’s a way to live in the world without being a part of it.

* Ac8 … Don’t justify your own sin by sin of others, past. Peter denied Christ, Simon was humble.

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  1. H says:

    This is so beautiful, thank you. I’m deeply moved.

  2. Amazing reflections. So happy to find you. Blessings and love from Holland,

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