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Meditations to consider for your daily walk.

Awaiting Their Time

We ever seek to understand, and perhaps more than anything else, the yearnings within. But how do we know what and when to do with them? Continue reading

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The First Time I Ever Did Lose

You’re at the park, with the kids, playing soccer. It’s the two of them against you taking turns with the ball close to the goal. They are mud-footed at best with their speed and command of the ball. They’re laughing … Continue reading

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The Science of Faith

The science of the brain is fascinating, and for a moment, very stirring and encouraging. But then, a pause… Continue reading

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Destructive Power

Originally posted on feministtalk:
By : Rhonda Nemri They cut you. They cut you so deep, you bleed. But you don’t bleed to death. Just a bunch of cuts that become scars. You don’t walk away, you forgive them. Each…

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Why you haven’t found Mr./Mrs. Right

Originally posted on Fight the Good Fight:
I’m about to solve your romantic life long question and yes I am serious. What you have been looking for for many years, I will shortly explain the biggest problem with your search…

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God of Mystery

There is a water more firm than the crests of earth. …and with every step, a splash to remind of the Source of its solidarity. There is a door that interfaces the heart as a window and a mirror, where … Continue reading

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Fault Line.

Originally posted on ~Taken by the Wind~:
We all know the stereotypes of frats: rowdy, drunk, fun, jocks and misogynistic. But it’s a stereotype and doesn’t mean it applies to all members. Which is why it’s always disheartening when a…

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