Eagles Point

The purpose of this blog is simply to share experiences, encouragement, ideas, questions, challenges, struggles, and victories, in hopes that someone might be strengthened and uplifted, or even used by God to respond and strengthen and encourage me.

The content of this blog comes from a genuine heart that seeks to live this out on a daily basis, whether successful or not. Authenticity is golden, and I strive to be transparent in my shortcomings. I believe this empowers us in a unique way by the Holy Spirit to call others to the graces we share. A good shepherd must be personally striving to walk out that which they call others to.

I am encouraged by others who have a heart for genuine living, and especially those who have been through untold circumstances and have a story to tell as they journey through their healing. I advocate with a genuine, broken heart for the disadvantaged, the mistreated, the exploited. I seek to be as true to their stories, experiences, feelings and realities as I possibly can.

Many people have idols and heroes, whether movie stars, athletes, or other public figures. As a child, I never was one to have some person that I considered an idol or hero. I can say with humble pride that my one true idol for life is my Lord Jesus.

As for heroes, that has significantly changed for me over time. I have countless true, real life heroes these days. I cannot keep track of them all, though I try, because there are so many…the sum of those who are struggling to make it, overcoming abuse and poverty, faithfully caring for children, a spouse, a parent, working through post-trauma effects, enduring physical hindrances.

The Multimedia page of this blog gives just a portion of another passion of my heart: the dire need for men to come to places of accountability and humbleness before themselves and God, strengthening the backbone we were meant to have to stand as servant-leaders for society, family, women and children, and most importantly (in my opinion at least), the princess of their heart.

Dear women, men and children that have been exploited, I consider you my own sisters and brothers. You have someone seeking God on your behalf, seeking you out, to bring you to places of rest, freedom and healing, from the inside-out. May the Lord overshadow you with His wings and gently guide you to places you have never been within. My utmost respect and admiration…

Eagles Point | a safe place of rest…

6 Responses to Eagles Point

  1. I think you just communicated my heart completely… “Authenticity is golden.” Love Thanks for the comment on our blog, we look forward to partnering with you in truth and love. The genuine article! And, yes let us encourage and strengthen one another. God bless you!

  2. Kelly Hall says:

    Just read an article from Holly Smith about your work. We are also in Ohio. Please check out this privately funded shelter in NE Ohio that rescues boys and girls http://bettysangel.blogspot.com/

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