The Science of Faith

I want to believe with my heart the word of God, and allow the words of my mouth birth from that resolve of trust within unto the marrying of my heart to God’s…

A moment upon recent years of studies on the human brain…

The science of the brain is quite interesting as we learn more about it–at least to a point, for me. There is very searchable research showing the capacity and chemistry of the vast dynamics of the brain as it pertains to faith, change, recovery, healing and interfacing God’s Spirit. It is fascinating, and for a moment, very stirring and encouraging.

But then, a pause…

I proceed to discover a place where it becomes a little embarrassing for me. Because the more we learn, the more it really proves the fabric and DNA of faith…and I don’t want so much proof to have to be laid out before me in order for me to believe in God, and to believe God.

I want God’s word to be enough. First of all, because it is.

(Do I need any of the second-of-all’s that I have?)

I just want science as a tool to help connect with others. But not as a foundation of my faith. Science is part of the artwork of God. That’s it’s place. It’s not the source of my faith, it’s one of the mirrors of it.

So, as long as I approach it with the understanding that God’s word is my sole source and foundation, I can play in its garden till I’m bored.


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2 Responses to The Science of Faith

  1. Elizabeth Wassel says:

    I think I see where you are going with this… it is interesting to make these connections with science and faith, but once done not to dwell so much that the simplicity of living in in faith might become lost somewhat. The connecting threads to make a blanket of faith is Prayer. Don’t we have to have that always??

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