Destructive Power

“You lose yourself in all this…but you enjoy it. You are feeding them your precious soul. They say they need you and want you. This is toxic, and you know it. But…” -excerpt
How true…we have got to recognize the larger scope and picture of life, and re-dignify ourselves, coming out of these very little boxes people have put us in, and breathe again, dance again, live again!


By : Rhonda Nemri

They cut you. They cut you so deep, you bleed. But you don’t bleed to death. Just a bunch of cuts that become scars. You don’t walk away, you forgive them. Each time you forgive them, you think to yourself it will be better. When really, you’re handing them that power.

Now this power is so destructive that every time you legitimately have the right to be hurt and upset at them, they make you feel it’s your fault. Each time this happens, another scar is added. You try to walk away, but it’s that power thing that just can’t seem to go away. Whether you are with them or without them, they seem to have this power over you. You lose sleep, you don’t eat, you overly think, you lose yourself in all of this.

Each time you come back you hand them that power…

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One Response to Destructive Power

  1. You have no idea how much I needed to read this. Recently left this type of relationship, back and forth for 4 years, selling my soul, trying to justify leaving, since Christian woman aren’t supposed to leave their husbands. But the peace I have had since this final break up has been a gift from God. I still have doubts but know down deep single is where I need to be for this season of my life.

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