My Letter to the News- Recent Article Posting Arrested Women

My heart sank when I saw that women recently arrested were posted for all to see, and for them to be further exploited. We have to understand as a community that there are certain things that need to be done to create and protect an atmosphere and culture and society of safe haven and healing and restoration. Assuming that is our true goal. And it must be. Here is my plea to the writer and director…

Good evening,

I want to thank you for serving our community with the work you all do gathering and reporting the news to us. We very easily take for granted what it takes to accomplish top notch newscasting, and we forget how important it is for our daily lives.

I had a couple colleagues bring the recent article about the prostitution roundup with the ladies’ pictures posted. As being an integral part of the rescue and aftercare process with those who are trafficked, exploited, as well as those who don’t have a current trafficker controlling them, it I wanted to let you know a little more inside the process and industry of working to reach vulnerable women and helping them come to restoration.

When we as a community of service providers engage women who are in any area of the sex industry, including streetwalking or calling, the vast majority of these women have been abuse, exploited, or otherwise traumatized at a point in their lives where it left them vulnerable to where they are right now, whether under trafficker control directly or not. All they have known is, from a youth or from an older age when they were violated, that they are worth nothing except to be sold, in their hearts and minds. That is their center of reality. We from the outside know better, but you may be able to relate if you have had a loved one or yourself go through something that affects them the rest of their lives. God forbid that something would be the most intimate of violation…one’s sexual intimacy.

If a woman is raped once, it leaves scars for life, even when healing and recovery is present. But for women who have been molested, abused, raped, or other things at early or vulnerable ages, and have been put down, threatened, all on so many multiple occasions, there is a point where hollowed darkness dominates within.

We believe and know that their lives are not over, though. And we have seen so many amazing stories firsthand. But it’s critical how we approach and reach them, as well as how we protect them from retraumatization around them in their time of critical aftercare stages.

Trauma to the soul is similar to trauma to the body. A person goes to ER, then ICU, then inpatient treatment and therapy, then outpatient rehab. This is the same for those who have experienced the trauma of sexual exploitation. And also similar to physical trauma victims, we work solely to heal and restore. We don’t let the patient sit and moreover be exposed to further elements that their gashed, broken soul is critically incapable of protecting itself from further injury and infection.

So, as a servant, and on behalf of so many, including the aftercare community and those who have survived exploitation and can tell you personally how this process works, I urge you to consider these ones who need help and not further devalue and degrade them by putting their pictures out there.

The goal is healing and restoration within our communities, which happens one person at a time. Let’s promote what actually accomplishes that. You could run a story on how your news station is the first to get behind the abolition community in unprecedented ways ahead of the others.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions. Thank you for taking the time to read this. And truly, thank you for what you do for us. It is so valuable. And you have the power to do even more than you realized, in the situation at hand.

Have a blessed and safe holiday.


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