The Disposition of a Different Type of Abuse: Spiritual

As per my usual, posts here come either out of the overflow of what resides within, or from recent discussions that are persistent themes enough for me to warrant putting them out in general format for encouragement or mediation. So, here are some thoughts that were discussed over the past while on topics that mean a lot to me.

Here it begins, mid-conversation, paraphrased, participants well-shielded…and since I’m mostly doing this as a public note to self, I am not paying as much attention to flow and style…

Here is a clip upon discussing about a man saying that all men would cheat or flirt or do other things if they had the chance, or if they could get by with it, or if the woman persisted:

So, while it seems there are so few out there (available, that is [singles]), there still are men and women, and more than we know, that are willing to be faithful and would have it no other way, even if their partner wasn’t as overbearing as with a short leash or something. Any man who says “all men would do this or that” just doesn’t know the right ones, the faithful ones who are given to consecration and loyalty, well enough. Or they are just making an ignorant sweeping comment based on their limited experience that serves as a copout. These remarks are usually from those who don’t know or pursue God, to be frank about it. But unfortunately, those that do know God don’t always pursue Him in this area.

Some of the religious ones do a similar thing except on the entire opposite extreme. They use religion and the Bible as an instrument of control and even destruction at times, misusing, misquoting, misinterpreting, and misunderstanding. I can’t stand it, and it’s far worse than those who are ignorant or don’t claim spirituality or religiosity. They make the sweeping comments and judgmentalisms, which are false ones because they aren’t true or accurate.

Certain groups as well as individuals have certain interpretations about verses surrounding salvation and sin and works and so forth that are inconsistent with the entire Bible and ways of God. They emphasize or flat out decry an emphasis on man or glory to man, and they create hierarchy among people in various ways, and the ability to execute dictatorial authority over others. These doctrines and ways are to be utterly avoided.

People who are victims of this spiritual abuse have to undergo the same type of healing as people who have gone through any type of abuse. Those undergoing abuse will either freeze, fight or flee. So, with spiritual matters, there have been so many that have frozen (and absorbed all the control and rigor, developing anxiety and inordinate fear and slavery), fought (spoke out or rebelled altogether), or fled (ex-communicated themselves from these people and God and anything that resembled them or Him, lumping them together as if they were actually accurate representation of Him).

This is a very sad reality, and there is SO MUCH cleaning up and restorative work to be done within the church and in a society that had been historically religious, and has been repeatedly exhorted in a way that lacks the flood of grace that pours from the cross of Christ.

So, these are just some thoughts, and hopefully you will find the sturdy foundation and protective walls of the true, full gospel as your foundation, no matter your background and what people still want to put in your ears at times like this. May your heart be yet deeper anchored in His unconditional love, His cross, and all that He expended to express that these people (that have the SAME wrong mentality just like the Pharisees did in Jesus’ day) are wrong and His love and mercy endure forever…for YOU personally.

…end of communication.

We are three-part beings: spirit, soul and body. And we can be interfaced on every level, and we can be treated well or poorly upon those interfaces. We understand the different forms of physical abuse, and we are getting better at abuse along the lines of the soul (mental, emotional, etc.). But spiritual abuse is something that is also so real, and like all forms of abuse, it has the same aftereffects that linger within, especially when not properly addressed, worked through, and cared for.

As I have gone on in life, especially serving in certain circles, I’ve been floored at the amount of abuse that so many have gone through in this arena. I found so many basics of love and compassion and tenderness and servanthood that they had sorely lacked. And in addition to that neglect, the active abuse of control and condemnation and other forms were too much to bear for me. It broke my heart. There is so much to make up for and I will give and serve and love in this way with all the rest that I am.

If you are one who has endured any of this, please accept my sincerest apologies for all the hurt and pain and stress and anxiety and fear that you have been put through. May there be a stream of healing ointment that finds its way through the broken areas within, to the core of your heart.


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