Sad Relational Experiences…Let’s Turn it Around

Another conversation that I wanted to publicly file on my blog. Comments from a female friend some time ago that just make my heart ache very badly…

Yes, sadly my experiences with men are not rare [bad experiences]. Most of my female friends will echo those sentiments. However, to be fair…I have talked with some good men who have had experiences with less-than-stellar women as well. And I’ve seen those less-than-stellar women in action – past friends, coworkers, acquaintances… So, again, in all fairness, it’s more of a societal problem, not just a male-species problem. I have discovered that if a woman (or man) settles for their partner’s behavior, it is what it is. If they don’t accept bad behavior, either the partner will leave (which is ultimately a good thing) or they will change and strive to be better.

A lot of women (and probably men too) though, believe that it’s just the way the opposite sex is and that they have to settle for less because there isn’t anything better out there. I’ve been there, I’ve lowered my standards, I’ve felt like settling because I thought that I couldn’t do any better. But, ultimately, it always comes back to realizing that some things are just not acceptable to me. And I couldn’t live the rest of my life with someone that is consistently sub-par.

I’m not looking for perfection, but I’m looking for respectable, honest and faithful. Sometimes it feels like that’s too much to ask. Even men have told me that all men will cheat if given the chance…ALL men. That came from a man! I’ve also had men tell me the same thing I’m saying now though – that men will do what you let them get away with. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Like men don’t have a mind or set of morals on their own. It’s lucky that I have faith in God and His work, because my faith in men is not there. But again, to balance that out, there are A LOT of women that have made me lose faith in my own gender, therefore the entire human race.

…end of comments.

I could spend a day responding to this, but I won’t. Suffice it to say the man was Horrendously Wrong. If Nothing else, he certainly doesn’t know me. But my heart aches for the countless women that have endured such as my friend. Not trying to shirk any responsibility from those who made bad choices, but there still is no excuse for a man treating a woman wrong no matter what. Why don’t we who are left available as singles raise the bar on us as a group by doing this so much better than it’s being done?


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