Why you haven’t found Mr./Mrs. Right

From the words of a wise woman…I didn’t say it, but I agree wholeheartedly. And anyone who knows me knows how hard I am on us guys. So here’s a healthy balance…and it’s all for our good anyway, because we want the best for ourselves and each other.

Fight the Good Fight

I’m about to solve your romantic life long question and yes I am serious. What you have been looking for for many years, I will shortly explain the biggest problem with your search for “the one”. Keep reading, I surely hope you won’t be disappointed. 

We’ve seen the movies, read the Nicholas Sparks books and dreamed about a Corey and Topanga kind of love. But what if “they” (pop-culture and society) have been steering us wrong. They have been leading you on for as long as you’ve understood the concept of “Finding Mr./Mrs. Right”. 

When I was a kid, I made a list of all the qualities of my true prince charming. Some of those qualities were: handsome, charming, sensitive, family oriented, good job, and of course goals in life. I was so sure the perfect man was out there, he has to be. That’s what all the fairy tales…

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