Gripping My Heart

Peace amidst frustration…security within turmoil…grace throughout devastation…

I’m terribly uninterested in psychological tricks, mental ascensions, or external gimmicks to address the condition of my heart or life. I see through too much of that to begin with, and my low tolerance for the unreal makes benign their effects anyway.

I must have the real deal. I must know God. Personally, intimately. I have to feel His heart, His affection, His lock on my inner being. There is no other way I desire to live.

The grip of His hand I feel on my heart every day is my essentiality. It, rather He, is my everything. The entirety of this is accredited to His grace, His mercy over me, His adoration of me…and my acceptance of that adoration.

To have heart-to-heart intimacy with the Creator of the universe brings the meaning and stability to life that alone can reach the depths of the inner craving beneath the human soul.

Walking with God intimately is not about our perfection, but rather His perfection being welcomed into our imperfect inner world.

Having that fullness of God within, with His affection upon the heart, is primarily maintained by simply staying in love with Him. From this place flows a continued tenderness to Him, and people. I can’t live without it, I don’t want to try. And…the part that not many want to hear…it is almost solely fostered in daily fellowship with Him in prayer and His word.

There is no substitute for the two. Period.

It is the very substance of intimacy with Him. Just like an intimate companionship in a marriage…no substitute for one-on-one time together. Not doing things for one another, not being good outside the house, not going to work faithfully for the household, not caring for the children, not anything. Those other things are very needful, even essential, but the core of a marriage is one-on-one intimacy. Period.

And it is from that place of intimacy that we are best equipped and filled within to carry out the other essentials…as well as the extra special things for one another that make that relationship more than just stale roommates or glass-housed business partners, each subject to drift or shatter.

Some people say prayer is just conversing with God. I would say it includes conversing with Him, but that’s not all it is.

Just like in a healthy marriage, intimacy and one-on-one time is definitely not only talking. (That said, men…and women…turn off the TV, close the laptop, put the cell phones in another room, and sit on the sofa together and talk. Unplug for x amount of hours every day together, uninterruptable. Don’t make me come to your house and ground you from your expensive toys.)

But just as much as prayer and one-on-one time with our partners has conversation, it also includes affection, adoration, and the things that make for being in love. This is what sets apart marital relationship furthest from any other type of relationship with anyone.

Now, let me surely make one vital differentiation between intimacy with God and our significant…God is in fact God, and no one else is. So He is to be worshipped and praised as such. And therein is yet another aspect of intimacy with Him where purpose and perspective are aligned. There is an unparalleled, unequalled posture of prostrate surrender that makes for the gateway of this place with Him.

So where are you? With God? With your spouse? With how you handle significant relationships in general? What do you really want when you have these relationships? Do you want that deep connection and fulfillment? Are you willing to give to your companion, and to God, what you want with them?

For those who ponder the content of conversation with God, here’s a bonus thought that God brought my way about myself…

When I talk to others, especially if I have a significant in my life, do I talk too much about myself in an imbalanced measure? How do I feel when people do that with me? What are the most fulfilling and deeper connection communications? Are they when I’m mostly interested in myself, or the other? And the same with God…

When I pray, do I only talk about how I feel, what I want or think I need? Or am I able to find myself in a place somewhat lost in Him, perhaps in love with the Creator and Savior, my Savior, my Lord, the Lover of my soul? Where I can learn to express an adoration and affection for Him more than a laundry list of honey-do’s…and perhaps having a brokenness for others’ needs above my own? …all to discover that this is the place where I will likewise experience the affection of God within my very heart and soul?


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  1. Beautiful words from a beautiful soul ,much love Nijia

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