Fault Line.

We need to see this as it truly is, and us men especially have the backbone to live with dignity and correct where this has been wrong for so long. Where are the men?…

~Taken by the Wind~


We all know the stereotypes of frats: rowdy, drunk, fun, jocks and misogynistic. But it’s a stereotype and doesn’t mean it applies to all members. Which is why it’s always disheartening when a stereotype is fulfilled.

Early in December, a UVM fraternity (which has since been closed) circulated a survey asking its members generic questions regarding music, favorite pastimes and nestled among this innocuous list was the question “who would you like to rape?”.

I felt outraged and sick. I couldn’t fathom how this was actually legitimate. Don’t any of these men have sisters? Or girlfriends? Or female friends? I am sure the majority of them were raised by mothers (and fathers) who would never have allowed a line of thought such as that to be considered acceptable or funny.

Why use the word “rape” as opposed to “hook up with”/ “sleep with”/ “score”. In that case, the question…

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