Ease in Grief

If there ever was a time to take a moment to encourage, reconnect or extend courtesy and graces to someone, the time, or season, is now.

And some may internally nod in understood agreement because of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I want to bring an extra layer of awareness that there are those who are suffering and hurting this holiday season. Many are lonely or broken after having suffered loss or rejection. Several don’t really know how to step out from their experience and really live again. Some have tried to move forward but they are paralyzed by present circumstances that bring emotional flashbacks of the past.

Someone fitting this category may even be reading, or writing, this post right now.

The season we find ourselves in, Christmas, is one that is supposed to bring an extra measure of joy and cheer. But the truth is Christmas is in the heart of the beholder, so if there are not enough beholders around, the spirit of Christmas is quite absent, and we are left with a hollowed shell of frivolous, materialistic rush.

So…what’s it worth to you? What is the reality of Christmas? And life around you, in you? Who needs what you have in your hand and heart? Don’t you understand the miracle of Christmas is not always doing something beyond yourself, but rather giving something simple that is within yourself to someone else. And this is where the miraculous ignites that which you share to impact and even potentially transform someone else’s life.

Let’s not be satisfied to be self-serving and self-preserving. To be comfortable and closed. Even if we feel we don’t have it within, let’s give something to make room for what we need. You never know just when it will come.

And let’s take the opportunity to let this launch in us a renewed approach to living no matter the season we are in, on the calendar or in life. Reach out to people, love them, be approachable, live humbly and full of grace.

What you have gains its value when someone else is involved in it. Treasures were made for discovery. Let someone discover the treasure you are.

You never know how much peace and healing you may find in your own places of need till you do.



About Eagles Point

Serving and supporting the needs of people in grace and compassion on an individual and community level.
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2 Responses to Ease in Grief

  1. Belle says:

    Thank you for this post. It truly speaks to me right now.

    • Eagles Point says:

      I hope and pray for peace and guidance from God will rest upon you and help you have clarity and rest within. There is a place at the cross of Christ where we can each rest our hearts.

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