Dreams and Realities

Dream really do come true.

Amazing how God has re-inspired me with this phrase so many times, and in so many unique ways over the last several years.

Now, I have had to learn the hard way how to properly approach dreams and visions and prophecies (genuine ones, not the fake stuff), and what it really means to rightly divide and discern what is God-driven, as well as understanding symbolism with respect to how things actually play out. Without getting into the whys and hows of genuineness and fallacy in this, suffice it to say it can be quite a long-bending learning curve, at least until reaching a point where it just clicks and you seem to just get it.

But to speak to some of this in another vein, I had a recent conversation about dreams with someone. Here are some thoughts based on what came up…

Remember one thing about dreams…inasmuch as they are yours, they are not yours. God is our dream. Those other dreams are His. The more we say and think ‘my dreams’, the more we get into propensity of idols, His hand more than His heart, and otherwise usurping His lordship. And besides, they are in fact not our dreams. We are stewards of them, as we are with anything. We should have passions for Him and people, and I know that dreams are powerful and they can definitely come true and sometimes specifically how we envisioned them, but I also know they more often come through in much different ways than we pre-interpreted them or expected them to be. I also know they sometimes don’t come true till heaven. So I try to be a little careful about possessiveness over dreams.

So, if there’s an open door, or a door we are compelled to kick open, by all means, go for it. God can direct a moving car, and we can easily limit ourselves by not stepping out when it’s good to step out. As far as all that, it’s about having that chariot of peace which carries you through even when the outward is contrary feeling or looking.

It would be great to have God’s voice as a roaring thunder. But remember it’s more about clarity than volume. Wisdom is the principal thing, the word says. God’s voice will often be a whisper, a still, small voice. It’s not about Him talking louder. It’s about us quieting our souls better. He is a gentleman and we have free will, so we must invite Him. That invitation plays out in part by making room for Him.

I think these things can be helpful to ensure we are not trying to climb a backwards wall that wasn’t intended to scale.

We can really just settle down…I have to tell myself that periodically. Blank the mind consciously, and remember that confusion is of the enemy, so if I’m confused, I’m making something beyond what it’s supposed to be. I have to wait on Him, and if I don’t hear Him clearly, just simply keep waiting. No matter how long it takes. And with things He doesn’t speak very specifically on, it likely may mean He’s giving me choice to use my values, discretion and wholesome interests to sort out my options.

So, self…just settle down, even down to my knees, and face, in a heart posture of stillness, and simply worship until a Hand from heaven picks me up from that place.


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One Response to Dreams and Realities

  1. rupacoach says:

    Beautiful thoughts.

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