The Dance Within

My heart is a ballroom, and my life is a dance. Those things in attendance may or may not have been invited by me, but I alone will decide with whom I dance.

Someone recently mentioned the thought about prayer and does it really change things. They said they understood one of its main purposes was fellowship and communion with God, but they were referring to actual effects otherwise. I decided to answer in the following way…

Regarding the question about does prayer change things…I would rather say faith changes things. Prayer can be empty, faithless, or with wrong motive, or praying something contrary to God’s ways. But faith operates by way of petition as well as usually some form of corresponding outward show of belief (we are not always the best at this, but we should try).

However, it can be challenging to persist in these things when we do not see the results or feeling some type of divine touch. But it is not impossible to allow our hearts to be trained and strengthened in faith. Not in the least.

We also have to understand that what we want may not be in line with God’s ways or plan for us. There also may be other factors that retain what would be a good thing.

Suffice it to say there can potentially be several moving parts involved, but we can minimize some of them by seeking to be consistent in our faith, even amidst questions or doubts or fears…

…all while also being willing to submit to God’s way or will if it ends up being different from what we are asking.

One of the big challenges and goals of my heart and life is to remember that God is enough and more than enough, even if He were to not do anything else for me. That is quite daunting sometimes, while other times it feels a little easier, maybe. But it is where I want to be approaching day by day. All while being pleasing to Him by believing unshakably in His promises and His hand to move on behalf of those I lift up to Him.

It’s quite the symphony, quite the harmony, the intertwined union and ballroom dance of faith and surrender. There is a place where they do not clash, but rather mesh…they do not collide, but rather waltz. I want to live in that place.


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5 Responses to The Dance Within

  1. olgatodd says:

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  2. Karolina with a K says:

    This is so true and so well written! Thank you for writing.

    • Eagles Point says:

      You are more than welcome, dear sister. I appreciate your heart and pursuit of more than that which you’ve seen and known thus far. There really is more…of Him, and living in Him, and giving of Him to others. It’s a hunger that is filled yet never leaves, a passion that pursues yet sits still, waiting on Him, with the desire of feeling His affection once more yet again.

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