The Price is Life

There is definitely something to be said for knowing in the integrity of your heart that you are doing right by what’s in your control and therefore are able to rest easy at night and not feel like a loser.

It’s not that hard in and of itself to do what’s right. What makes it hard, as with anything, is emotional attachment to other things or modes or mentalities. And the strength of that emotional tie is based on the value we place on those things.

The good news is when we change the price tags, we can experience an eventual emotional realignment to reinforce healthier ways.

We have to correct the pricing, the value we place on different things, because where our treasure is, there our heart is.

Our heart is closest to the things we treasure or value the most. So it will show when our heart really isn’t with our wife, our kids. You can tell when someone has an imbalance of value on their priorities by the attention and interest they give it compared to everything else in their life.

How do you change improperly priced items in your life? You have to be honest with yourself, first, to admit that there are some improperly overpriced and underpriced areas of your life. And you have to be willing to admit what the price of those areas should be. Then, you have to be willing to begin to act like that, and ask God to help by giving you courage and wisdom.

And you have to be willing to starve the things that are opposed to this change.

Some things will need just healthy weight loss, and other things will need starved to death. You will eventually know which things belong and do not belong in your life, for a season or for good, if you are willing to be true to yourself and your highest priorities in life (especially God and family, right?).

If you struggle with coming to any of these places of surrender, let us pray together that God would help bring you to a place of seeing life and the things thereof for what they really are, and recognizing on a deeper level our desperate need of Him. And perhaps that a renewed wellspring of desire for more of Him might stir within.

And I urge you, if you feel that tug, that stirring…move on it! Do NOT let it go untouched by your movement. This is your chance.


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