The Walk of the Free

I believe our feet are made for walking, not standing. I believe there is a time to just stand, with feet entrenched in the ground unmovable and unshakeable. But if we stay in one place within, we become inert in our being, and we are the cash equivalent of couched potatoes.

I believe in pursuit of that which is worthy thereof.

That said, there is much to be said for the terrain on which we find ourselves. We were never meant to walk alone. God has made us for Him, to know Him and fellowship with Him. And He has the very solution to our core need. He in fact is that solution.

So this terrain…this path…I believe it to be one marked by ground that is rocky as well as smooth. I believe that some steps are great drop-offs wherein we need the mounting of God’s wings of eagles, and some are steep climbs, wherein we rely heavily upon Him to take our burden and give us His, which is very easy and light.

I also believe that the straightaways, the plains, have a character of their own. More times than not, the place of the journey where it levels out a little can be a place where we allow the scene to sing us a lullaby. There are both times when the ground is still, and the ground is moving beneath our feet.

But no matter what the ground is doing, we must keep our feet moving. For those of us who have had the conveyor experience, that is not the complete definition of movement and walking in life. That is a fortunate blessing that we can and should seek out from God, but not get used to as the norm.

Stay hungry. Stay thirsty. Allow your appetite to be wetted with His presence, and do not let the world’s ways substitute for the bread of Heaven to feed your soul. If what presents itself to you is not pleasing to Him, not fitting for one who desires to be known as His, then discard it with the packaging. For the moment you open it and begin to take it in, you will find your appetite being adjusted and slowly desensitized in that area of your conscience to the harm it is to your soul and the separation from God it works to accomplish.

Are you betrothed to Him? Are you just dating Him? Are you checking Him out, but nervous or afraid of what it might mean for you, or what you’ve heard about Him?

Pure, true love is glorious and intimidating, wonderful and fearful, lovely and consuming. Full of intention, and amazingly adventurous. Peace and grace. Holiness and justice. The passion of unadulterated love is a liquid fire that self-fuels as it pours out endlessly and violently from the heart and being of the infinite, omnipresent sole God.

And in all that, you are more than longed for and invited to give your heart inside-out into His care. If you need help to surrender, just ask Him. But this is the place of life and purpose. This is the place of freedom and direction. Herein is the sum of and answer to life itself. To know Him who made you, and to make Him known by His character in you.


About Eagles Point

Serving and supporting the needs of people in grace and compassion on an individual and community level.
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