You are Beautiful

…for those who believe they are not…

You are beautiful. You are precious, even priceless. And yes it IS true. Don’t argue with me. And don’t just placatingly agree. I want you to allow it to sink in, and allow yourself to hear it from me, and from God. And it will take time, and I am willing to walk step by step with you in that, as you continue to accept that this is who you really are.

I want you to see the truly amazing person His grace has made you, AS WELL AS the way you seek to match that in your life with grace and character of your own.

I know it is difficult to think of yourself anything different than rugged, unworthy, rough around the edges, because you have defined yourself largely throughout your life as such. Whether in your traumatic circumstances of life events, horrendous things done to you, or wrong things done by you, it is so easy to see yourself through the lens of these things. You have been stained by life. You have experienced abuse, hurt, damage, loss, disappointment, rejection. And you have done what you knew how to just survive. And God gave you that capacity, those defense mechanisms, that wherewithal when you should not have had it.

And now, I am here with cleansing salve in my hands. As I look into your eyes, I see that the stains of life have also covered their windows. You have sought the light. Many times, you may have been staring directly into the Sun Himself. But all it did was seem to illuminate the stained glass portraits on the windows of your eyes painted by your life’s circumstances.

Allow me to take of this salve, this cleansing balm, puddle it in my palms and take a dip of it upon your eyes, and face. Take your hands with mine, and let’s gently rub it in, and feel it cool as it cleanses.

This salve, this healing balm, is that of the blood of Christ. It is a simple grace that He is enough while we are not. There is a miracle in the moment of accepting that touch, as the stains of guilt and shame begin to gently subside. And you will begin to see yourself in the mirror, and that which is around you, with a new found freedom…free from, among other things, the lie that that which you have done and has been done to you defines who you are.

Because you are beautiful. You are precious. You are priceless. This is your worth, the truth about you, and this is exactly what He has done for you. He has made you wonderfully and fearfully.

And now, you can begin to see that even in your darkest hours, of pain, of invasion, He was mercifully guiding and longing and broken over you, having also suffered with you, never letting you feel or go through one thing without also bearing it in Himself. He even used the strength of your rebellion to serve purpose.

But now, you are coming to and in places of walking out His path in submitted, committed obedience more than rampant flight. You are more intentional, thoughtful, and considering and counting the cost…and you follow Him with cognizance of responsibility.

And with your continually renewed sight, you will now be able to see better and better the path in which to step before you.

You say I make you feel like you can sometimes be what I see in you? There is no question you can be all the things I see…because you already ARE. I’m making an observation here, telling you who you are. First and foremost, in Christ because of His cross. And secondly, who you are seeking to become as a result.

For, now, as you are seeking to align your walk with who you really are, it is not as it once was. It is now grace empowering and enabling you to be freed within to do this.

Soak and bask in this grace, and the freedom it brings. Take time to rest in it, and do not move until it moves in you, until it moves you. Do not be afraid to take a long time with it. Do not be intimidated by the fact that it will take several days and weeks and months on end daily to get this off the dusty shelf in your head and into the wells of your spirit.

Stay there, soak, and do not move until it moves in you, until it moves you. You then will be assured you are moving in the grace of God and not in your own strength.


About Eagles Point

Serving and supporting the needs of people in grace and compassion on an individual and community level.
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