A Persistent Pursuit

A man has the ability to change anything at any point of his life. It’s never a question of capability, only a matter of willingness. We find our greatest fulfillment and purpose in the selflessness of our surrender to God. I want to be that man…

If you want to be Christ’s, let yourself not just seek to learn more…give myself to His manner and way. Giving yourself to God is not about ‘giving Him all your hopes and dreams’ as much as it is giving Him your daily ways and attitudes. God is far more interested in how you treat people in your family, in the store, on the road, and in the workplace than if you are willing to drop all responsibilities and go on a mission trip.

To truly want more of God is to want Him to have more of you. If you want to give yourself to Christ, you must not be selective in choosing just a few obvious or seemingly relevant things. Everything is relevant, and everything can be His. Why hold onto a behavior or attitude you know isn’t pleasing or good when you can give it to God to help you with?

True love is calling you out to things you never thought you could or would do, and is supplying the grace of Christ to do it through you. For you who seek God, what is there about you that makes people coming away from you knowing you have been with Christ? Grace is the single great light of Christ to an otherwise dark, cold, selfish, bitter experience…and the single great healer of the heart. Grace is to be given liberally, one person at a time. We either light our world with it, or the darkness of its absence takes residence in the recesses of our hearts.

…I’m not just hungry for more of Him, I’m thirsty to give myself to Him. I want His grip squeezing my heart. There’s nothing else until this. I want to be this man.


About Eagles Point

Serving and supporting the needs of people in grace and compassion on an individual and community level.
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