She is a River…

She is a river…gentle and strong, tender and firm. She moves with determination, while embracing her banks. She’s locked to her destiny, while true to her course.

She stirs and churns beneath the surface, with passionate, fueling undercurrent. It carries her, as she carries those who need her movement, who rest their ships upon her waters, who wade her waves with their oars.

She lifts them, she lights them with strength of and beyond her own. She loves liberally like splashes playing joyfully with all who cross her way, while tears of compassion run down her face like waters running over rocks in the riverbed.

She remembers the path of yesteryear. As the bank takes a sharp turn, the mild backsplash allows her to peer back momentarily, where she sees her beginnings…

The beginnings…a free fall of water cresting over the mountainside, not knowing exactly where it was going, but most certainly going somewhere. And all at once, landing somewhat unforgivingly in a pool of holding, a reservoir somewhat made for it, made for her…even waiting for her, waiting to catch her. And rather, somehow, while she did not know where she was going, she knew exactly where she would end up. In the embrace of His arms.

The turn, the turmoil, the change of state…this downpour into Him churns and dives, rustles and pummels, but with the force of this gravity does He use it to delve her deep into His heart, is very being, permanently embedded and one with Him, with His essence.

She then realizes, this is a dance, a dance with the Creator of the universe. She relishes in the laughing flapping turns and topples with her God and Savior, and with glee and delight do they burst forth with a newness of love and life, as never before.

She learns her borders…His embankment of love, safety, protection and purpose for her, for them, and her initial waters run over the early lands, but her Father uses it to soak the thirsty land with nourishment and refreshing. She finds her way, moving in and around the landscape, picking up momentum and…then that undercurrent…that buoyancy wherein she finds the hand of God carrying her far more than she is carrying these waters.

Yes, that moment of backsplash, once intimidating, breathtaking, perhaps a little frightening as her waters are banked in the air and she catches a glimpse of everything…

…is now a glorious refreshing in the grace of her life and her present as she sees now that waterfall, still present, has been re-sourced as a downfall of outpouring from the windows of Heaven, pouring deep into the recesses of her heart, reaching the core of her existence within, while that of her and Him already resident from her center rises up to kiss and dance with her Bridegroom. She rejoices over the Lover of her soul, and she rests in the peace and grace of knowing her life is not only a future glorified, but a past redeemed and a present healed.

She is now whole, complete, and this to brings curves to her learning…and you can rest assured, she will splash and play and dance through every turn, sharing with the land that which carries her travelers. She is a river.


About Eagles Point

Serving and supporting the needs of people in grace and compassion on an individual and community level.
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