Crossover Minute Collection


CM01: Parents to Children

It is very easy to repeat commonly accepted mentalities to our children, especially when they sound good or true. But if we take just a moment to rethink the things we have grown to assume or accept, we might find opportunities to be much more effective in lifting our kids on our shoulders and give them more of a head start in life than we had. And I believe that is in fact one of our core responsibilities to them.

Here is one way we may be able to help our young ones learn to partner with God while discovering the interests and gifts that lie within. Perhaps we might also find this enlightening for our own journey…



CM02: Love Three Ways

We all have a need for relationship. We were never made to be alone. So, it stands to reason that we ought to seek to find ways to be more effective in fostering healthy relationships, no matter the level or forum.

Here are just three areas that you may find helpful to meditate upon and perhaps give enlightenment on doing relationships well with someone special, carried by principles that are applicable to relationships of any type.



CM03 – Marrying Visions

When coming together with someone special, we do well to focus on core compatibilities between one another. And while there is trial and error and learning curves here, what about the compatibility and union of our goals, visions, dreams and vocations? Do we assume they will just ‘work out’ without investing time to allow them to court, so to speak, and figure how they will coincide and work well together?


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