My Take on Minimalism

I recently had an exchange of ideas with a minimalist. I’ve heard of this concept and guessed what it was based on the impression I got from it, but it was interesting hearing from someone personally who lives this way intentionally. I found out it has a more broad spectrum than I figured.

That said, I wanted to post my comments, because there’s something about minimalism that attracts my attention, but for different reasons than I’ve heard to this point from the minimalist community, if I may say there is such. Here they are. Perhaps you, the reader, might find some inspiration here. (I assume my correspondent doesn’t mind.) 🙂 …

Since minimalism has more of a broad definition than I realized, I’m probably lumped in the spectrum myself then. I certainly enjoy the freedom of not having things I don’t need, but besides the calm it tends to bring, it is probably more driven by the thought of some people (actually the majority of people worldwide) that don’t have many of the basics, much less the excesses.

I like to keep a bird’s eye view on life, remembering that many of us are buffered and sheltered in little comfort zones in America. Moreover, there are more people enduring hardship and trauma than we are aware of even here, and my heart breaks over their situations. I’m very involved in some efforts that help women and children out of being exploited, for instance. And I’ve asked God for years to break my heart where His is broken, to keep me from being blind, and to be Him to people. So these things stir deep within, and to the point of action, in serving others, as well as personal choices (such as minimalism).

I think also knowing personally several survivors of domestic exploitation, as well as awesome orgs that are serving survivors directly and doing the very thankless work of rescue and restoration, who have such a material need where all funds go directly to these things, those girls and those works keep my heart up at night, and keep my wallet very honest. They mean the world to me. They are in fact my heroes, and by Jesus’ grace, I will continue to be responsible for their freedom and healing.

Perhaps a little more than you thought may come in response, but it’s quick and easy to type and respond to things that strike these cords.

Perhaps it was meant for me to expound. I know for me, it gives me more meaningfulness and motivation in my way of living, if nothing else. And I feel a kindred connection to those I advocate for and the ones who come through the programs I support, almost as if they are my little sisters. That always melts my heart right there. So I see their faces, and I think God uses that to guide me.


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Serving and supporting the needs of people in grace and compassion on an individual and community level.
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One Response to My Take on Minimalism

  1. sanjaywa says:

    A lovely take on minimalisim.

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