In the Booth with Ruth – Ed Drain, Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate and Activist

With Ruth the ever-excellent facilitator, Ed Drain shares very important thoughts and observations to the issue of exploitation, and fills his answers with extra insights most certainly not to be passed over, but rather deeply pondered. Thank you both…

Ruth Jacobs

Ed Drain

How did you become involved in the movement against human trafficking?

I found out about a woman who was trafficked to a massage parlour in DC. I was disgusted to learn that she had to ask twelve ‘customers’ or johns – men who pay to use her body, for help. It was a very brave thing she did because the traffickers would have beat her severely if they knew she had asked any johns for help. The business of the trafficker is aided considerably by the perception of the johns that the women or girls want to be there, which is, of course a lie. I ended up attending a happy hour where I heard from people from Polaris Project and from DC Stop Modern Slavery. At a later meeting of DC Stop Modern Slavery, the founder of that organisation, Ray Lian, asked if anyone would research and write letters…

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