In the Booth with Ruth – Anna Beard, Child Trafficking Survivor and Anti-Human Trafficking Activist and Advocate

Another friend shares her story with Ruth, who is doing an awesome job reaching people and offering them a safe place to share what they are able to of their story. Yet another of the multitude of realities right here in the US…

Ruth Jacobs

Anna Beard

How did you become involved in the movement against sex trafficking and sexual exploitation?

Unfortunately, I was trafficked at the age seventeen by a co-worker who was forty years old. I was in that situation while still attending high school, until I was nineteen. During that time, I was forced to do unthinkable things and experienced extreme sexual violation through manipulation and brainwashing while participating in his ‘art project’. I didn’t find out until years later that what I was actually doing was pornography.

What draws you to support people who are trafficked and sexually exploited?

While I was being trafficked, I had no idea that it was trafficking. The reason I had no idea was because there was no awareness of what trafficking was. My situation began in 2003 and although the law regarding human trafficking was established in 2000, there was still no awareness about the grooming and…

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