In the Booth with Ruth – Michelle Carmela, Child Trafficking Survivor, Anti-Human Trafficking Activist and Advocate, Founder and CEO of Once Upon An Eden

It’s difficult not to reblog each of Ruth’s interviews, but I want people to see what these dear sisters have to say. In this interview, Michelle, a survivor (overcomer) spends some time cueing in on preventative ideas for overcoming exploitation in our society by encouraging us to invest in our homes, our children, our families. The more we build solid families and invest love and attention into our children, the better values and solidarity they will have in their lives to make better choices and not even consider as much the low-life works of exploitation and the sex industry. They will be more aware of other choices, and they will have a secure home without the need to run. And I think Michelle was also getting at this being a way for parents to protect their children more from being out in harm’s way as well. Either way, awesome interview and post. Poignant reminder from Michelle: don’t forget to see life through the eyes of your child.

Ruth Jacobs

Michelle Carmela

How did you become involved in the movement against human trafficking? 

I am a survivor of incest, child rape, child labor and child prostitution, as well as extreme child abuse. I was also born and raised in a Mafia family. I grew up in the United States. America, like every other country, is a great country, and like every other country, also has citizens that suffer greatly at the whims of others, thus having their rights violated.

After a forty-one year history with human exploitation and sharing my story with the public for the past twenty-six years, I am thankful people are listening and the awareness is greater than ever before, but honestly, as ungrateful as this may seem, the terms ‘human trafficking’ and the other terms that have become politically correct, irk me to no end. I have said it for many years and will continue to say…

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