Age-Old Question: Hell and Those Who Never Heard of Jesus

For the sake of reference, in light of several questions including recent ones, here’s a summary of what I would share regarding the ole what about hell and what about those who never heard of Jesus question.

The Bible, and Jesus specifically, describes hell as an actual place of torment, created for Satan and other fallen angels. It is the only place of ultimate separation from God. People are described as going there after death as a result of a genuine, concerted desire to live separate from God, as chose during their life on earth, and not by God sending them there, per se.

Because our sin separates us from God from the onset, we need His grace to overcome this separation. And He offers it abundantly available through the death and resurrection of Jesus. His sacrifice pays the penalty of our sin, and it is a free gift to receive when someone asks for it. Ideally, our understanding of our need for Him comes with the recognition that we were made for Him, in His image, and that He loves us so endlessly, dearly, and very personally. We hopefully recognize at some point that He is the core of what we lack and truly want and need deep within.

But what about those who had no one to share with them about Jesus’ sacrifice, or that there ever was a Jesus, a Bible or anything of the like?

Well, one thing we do know is God holds us all accountable to what truth we have been exposed to, not what we were never taught or shown. This is just as true for those who never learned about Christ or anything of the Bible. In Psalms, God expresses that nature and life teach about Him and His ways, so all have some expression of the existence and ways of Him given them that they are accountable to. God knows each person’s heart very specifically. He knows what they have legitimately seen and very fairly must be held accountable to, and if they rejected or opened themselves to the truth of Him therein. He knows if they are a true acknowledger and seeker of Him, to follow what they do know of Him.

So why do they need Christ?

Jesus provided a sure way of salvation. He is the Way to the Father. No one comes to the Father in Heaven but by Him, as the Bible says. His sacrifice gives us assurance, the Word says, if we accept it. So we can have that inner fullness, that security, that ultra-deep set peace with God in this.

Now, for those who never heard, they have to seek Him out in what truth they have learned. We have to trust God with this. It’s not for us to figure out necessarily, but to pray for those who have never heard, for God to reveal Christ to them, for Him to secure them, and for Him to raise up more laborers to reach them, because as you can see, this is not a secure way to live at all. Jesus seals that security and ensures our salvation. There are instances in the Bible where people were devout Jews or those who only knew the baptism of John. God brought people to them to teach them more completely, that is, about Jesus, but they were already devout to God in as much as they were exposed to.


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