Defending the Helpless…When Convenient

Taking a stand for anything other than self takes a lot of initiative, especially in societies where independence and self-absorption is pervasive. Many of us do not care enough if at all about things or people that do not directly affect ourselves, if we want to be honest with ourselves…which we might as well, right? So I encourage us to find internal fortitude to stand up for something important, or support those who do.

As for those of us who do take stances, whether big or small, I would like to present encouragement and a challenge. Thank you for taking the time to do or say something for the things that need talked about. It takes time that most of us usually do not have, the putting aside of things that could easily be done otherwise. Of course, for those who source themselves greatly in our efforts, let us not come to a place of sacrificing family and other core responsibilities, but rather find a healthy balance that works well with the needs of all.

We stand for animals that are being exploited or neglected. We stand for the preservation of nature, or at least reasonable compromise with respect to development of land. Incidents spark national or international awareness and advocacy for oppressed minority peoples in various countries. There are not enough of us, but there are more people’s hearts being continually stirred with compassion. Keep up the wonderful job of maintaining a tenderness of heart enough to do something.

Now, let me take this a little further. Here is part of my story…

I have been involved in serving, volunteering and in more recent years, various forms of advocacy. But God had to reveal a vital truth of condition of my heart I had maintained much of my life: I was still self-absorbed, and time and again selfish or ulterior motive was present. God basically sat me down and presented the novel concept of serving for the sole purpose that there is a need, and better, someone in need, and furthermore, make a concerted effort not to satisfy personal interests that may arise. I realized I needed to make myself available within, which took quite a bit of chiropractic work. Thankfully, He had been helping loosen the vice grip I had had on a few things over the years.

Observing myself under the microscope helped me see my world a little better. It made me realize that we do not always advocate just because we care about the subject itself. I know I was very convenience-driven. This has led me to be more conscientious of that which lies beneath my involvement. But I believe there is yet more…

How do we feel when we ‘discover’ (realize) a voiceless, weak, vulnerable people group that have been put down, ignored or pushed aside, with their feelings and plight not spoken for? For the sake of convenience, for the sake of a lifestyle that has broadened bounds in the area of responsibility of self or consideration of others? How do we feel when we disclose more of the epidemic of trafficking of women and children persistent in every country including our very own? We are talking about people who do not have a chance to speak out at all for themselves while trapped and controlled psychologically and physically. Exploited, used, abused, some killed, many die by the brutal nature of their conditions. It does not even have to hit home for some to be broken to the point of action.

As a final thought to ponder, something that seems to be a recurring theme brought to my attention in several unique ways recently…there is a rising voice across the world on behalf of exploited women and children, thank God, and there is a continual voice for animals and nature…it begins to make me wonder about the unborn. What if they had a silent cry that we could feel and hear in our hearts? They are defenseless and voiceless to the ultimate degree, completely dependent in the most fragile way upon those who are already born. The vast majority of cases that result in the ending their lives is not rape or health-related. Can’t there be discussions that include their feelings? And what if one of those voices at the table included the idea of a social and community support of mother and child during and after carrying?

On that note, I believe we have been wrong for a very long time, for centuries, in how we have casted condemnation and guilt upon girls and women instead of opening arms of love and support, in our families, our churches, our social services, and our culture at large. What if women who discover they are pregnant were embraced and immediately, and given companionship? What if society was harder on men instead, for being irresponsible or absentee fathers? And those who have been raped or whose health is at stake could have the freedom to consult with doctors to decide what direction they need to go with those cases, with support medically and socially for all parties involved. It makes me wonder what is it that makes it more complex than this. On an industry level, is it money, politics, under the table deals? On a personal level, what is it? I extensively digress.

No matter the issue, I believe in revolutionary ways to resolve seeming deadlocks. I believe in justice for all. I believe all includes all. I believe there is a way to walk that out on any level. And I have learned the hard way that it is a very selfless path.


About Eagles Point

Serving and supporting the needs of people in grace and compassion on an individual and community level.
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One Response to Defending the Helpless…When Convenient

  1. Janice says:

    Beautifully written J ~~ I will be sharing this….definitely well done!

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