How to Support a Work Restoring People’s Lives – A Bridge of Hope

A Bridge of Hope (ABOH) is a wonderful organization reaching out to, rescuing and providing the opportunity for restoration for those who have been exploited. Please see their website at The following are ways to get involved that they have offered, all of which are an excellent template in any venue of advocacy.

Call Your Legislators

Call your legislators and let them know to support legislation in favor of anti-trafficking efforts, anti-abuse efforts, harsher laws for offenders, and to review resources available for organizations like ABOH.  The only changes that can be made are the ones that are suggested by the people.  You can be the difference!


There is a variety of different ways that you can volunteer.  For information about the type of volunteer opportunities that are available, age requirements, and other ways to help A Bridge of Hope, please contact us. …

Socialized Media Campaign

You can use your own socialized media to let people know about abuse, recovery, trafficking, and all that ABOH does.  Socialized Media has become the modern-crazy and we can use that power to combat a lot of the problems.  You can forward missing person reports, put stats and great stories on there.

Prayers Needs

A Bridge of Hope always can benefit from your prayers.  We would appreciate you agreeing with us to help all that we can, become all that they can be.

Corporate and Private Sponsorships

Corporate sponsors are crucial to the success of our work.  Companies partner aligning their company core beliefs with that of A Bridge of Hope’s mission; Building Bridges Together.

Holiday Giving / Memorial Giving

You can give during any season or teach young people the significance of giving.  By donating for the holidays, you can put a name on it and a certificate will be mailed to a loved one or in honor of a loved one who has passed and sent to you for a keepsake.  Donations are important to the continuance of our work and what a way you can make a difference in the name/life of someone else!


We need so many things to run our operation from office supplies, school supplies, business clothing (for job interviews or court-readiness), gift cards or food vouchers to local restaurants, non perishable food items, hygiene items, fleece blankets, and so much more.  You can also support A Bridge of Hope financially.  Our staff is all volunteer; therefore, all donations go directly to the efforts of helping those who have been abused, addicted, abandoned,  those involved in human trafficking, and those coming out of incarceration.

There are other ways to help…

Holiday Honorarium Giving, Employer Matching Gifts, Product Donations, Private Fundraisers, Events, etc.   Go to to find out more!


About Eagles Point

Serving and supporting the needs of people in grace and compassion on an individual and community level.
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