Living Unplugged: Unravelling the Cyberspider Web (with a personal update)

For quite some time, I’ve had a growing awareness of my connectivity to the cyberworld with my smartphone and expanded social media accounts. As interested in technology as I have been over the years, especially with the advent of mobile electronics, I also understand that I am more interested in seeing how and making things work than actually using them long term. It may coincide with the <recovering> perfectionist in me, pulling from my scientific side that wants things in place and functional, and the artist that loves to see everything flow seemlessly. Nonetheless, the human in me became increasingly claustrophobic with the persistent spinning of this cyberspider web I found myself entangled in.

Granted, I had been productive and perhaps encouraging, even used by God in some of my electronic reach through various social media outlets. And there have been very valuable connections, even one priceless, established during this time. So this social media season I have been in, lasting about a year, taking my internet connectivity to another dimension, has proven to be a very important one and even purposed by God.

But it has also brought me a little more directly face to face with a few things. While having a good amount of local service and outreach involvement, I had a significant amount of time interacting online. I had been wanting to slow down from computer usage even before getting involved with the social media platforms I’m connected to, so this brought me to a place of taking that step more quickly. Perhaps it helped to connect with someone recently on a level that brings me to wanting to walk out the full three dimensions of life as my primary social identity, ratcheting online connectivity down to the limited place it belongs for me personally. And I’m sure separating from having a smartphone for the first time since the old Pocket PC’s initiated the onset of the smartphone age probably made a significant impact on this as well. (Oh, what freedom it is not to be wired at the hip!) But there was more that I found as I observed…and perhaps this is a word for a few others…

I recognized recently through somewhat of a revelation that I had become a little emotionally reached in my communication. This is something that I believe is very easy to release undetected. It’s okay to have online friends, per se. What I’m referring to is something where as a single person I was including an extra level of kindness within any genuine care and even God-given word in my sharing. Some of this may or may not be apparent from other readers, but whether it was perceived or not, I knew it was there. It was something I perhaps felt I had a bit of extra lattitude with being unspoken for at the time, but that didn’t make it right. God began to deal with me about it, and recently, with the coming of special friendship, there were things that seemed to immediately change and awaken within, including awareness to this. I actually felt a little embarrassed and exposed, emotionally speaking. I made immediate adjustments, and I even went back and edited a few things that I was able to as a result. And I decided I would recede from the extremities of my cyberreach.

Keep in mind, this is my story, this is where I am with what I am a steward of in the natural, and with respect to the way I have been going about things to this point. While I encourage the underlying principles I’m portraying, the outward manifestation will look very different from person to person. We are all wired different and have different lives where cyberlife may be a more integral part of life and operated in a healthy way. That said, this may be a tug on someone’s heart that will help them if they are dealing with something along these lines.

One thing I would like to do here is express my grattitude to those through WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, email, and even in person, who have been an encouragement to me and that I may have been an encouragement to as well. There are quite a few of you that have been inspiring in your comments, posts, lifestyle, courage, obstacles you’re overcoming, stance that you take, advocacy you support, and areas of service you are involved in. You are heros, overcomers, jewels in the eyes of God. So, thank you, and God ever be with you, personally tugging at your heart to gain greater entrance, as well as to comfort and cover your life and home.

I will be continuing my slowdown on social media, using each outlet for personal archive as well as simply putting certain things out there, so to speak. I won’t necessarily be as interactive going forward. However, I will continue to be active in intercession, talking before the face of my Lord Jesus on behalf of you all, asking for His touch, His mercy, His compassion, His presence, His peace, His healing, His justice for those of you in need, and those whom you reach. You all are each very personally desired and known by our God, and there is never a tear shed or pain endured that has not only been carried by Him, but also endured again in full as you walk through it.

And a note to all who maintain intermittent or extended social media connectivity, keep your balance healthy with respect to spouses or significants, children or other loved ones, and be sure there is no emotional boundaries being crossed with expression or communication with the opposite sex. Integrity is golden, it’s everything, so much that I’m humbling myself before you all to emphasize it.

Great grace and peace be yours, with anointing and empowerment, ongoing…

Crossover at Eagles Point


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2 Responses to Living Unplugged: Unravelling the Cyberspider Web (with a personal update)

  1. I too have slowed down immensely on my cyberspace interaction and continue to do so. My focus is on healing my family and the relationship with my spouse. I will continue to pray for your causes and I ask you prayer for my family as we heal together, all 4 of us. Peace!

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