You might be surprised at what is illegal under federal law

Just wanted a record of current federal law on my blog…(thank you BF for this post!)

The Brushfires Foundation

Pornography seems to be everywhere. Hotels feature pay-per-view hard-core films. Cable and satellite premium channels offer unrestrained sex programming. Gas stations sell graphic magazines and pornographic bookstores have aisles and aisles of hard-core foreign and domestic DVDs for sale. Many also show graphic films in peep booths. Then, there is the Internet, serving up almost unlimited graphic, brutal, deviant sex content to anyone who goes online, including young children.

Making the situation worse, the mainstream media often treat pornographers as just another legitimate business, affording them even more credibility. Pop culture has also embraced pornography as a viable and acceptable entertainment choice, promoting it as a fun and healthy expression of sexuality – in movies, TV, music and video games. A-list celebrities seem to go out of their way to be seen with stars of pornographic films.

Something this common and seemingly widely embraced must be legal, right?

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