Shame on You White Man.

Just simply want to reblog this to propogate the truth and expose this reality. Please by all means read this exposure of the epidemic in the culture of Thailand…

~Taken by the Wind~

There are a lot of white men in Bangkok. Old, young, married, single, fat, skinny, ugly and handsome. Ones who look you in the eye as they notice you watch them ‘flirt’ with Thai women and ones who don’t. There are some who stare belligerently and dangerously back, daring you to say something as they paw at the women around them.

For something which is not legal in this country- prostitution sure is out in the open.

Rachel (the President of SOLD) and I are staying in Nana Plaza, otherwise known as the Red Light District. SOLD’s partner Home of New Beginnings (an outreach home which provides income and housing to women who choose to leave the sex trade. Their focus is on education which would allow these women to sustain themselves outside of the trade) is located down the street from here.

The stories of the women who live…

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