What does it mean to be a man?

This post by Soul Caffeine…I’m telling you, this is one million percent what I’m talking about, what I’m all about, inside and out, and in again. In my personal walk as well as how I desire to come alongside boys and men and walk therein together. This expresses the very fabric of my being, and passion of my heart.

I will echo this and shout it as loud and far as I possibly can. May the Spirit within this word so reverberate and shake the core of men, vice-gripping them and anchoring them as they serve selflessly their beautiful princess bride and precious children.

Soul Caffeine

“Don’t be afraid. Fight for your homes, your wives, your sons and your daughters.”Nehemiah 4:14

Just a few hours ago I got home from a weekend Men’s Retreat. We did the usual “man stuff” of eating red meat, shooting guns, watching football and as Donkey said to Shrek, “swapping manly stories.” Basically, it was two days of testosterone-filled, manly awesomeness. All of that was fun, but the real “meat” of the retreat came when we charged  into God’s Word and began to explore what it really means to be a man. It turns out there’s a lot more to it than eating red meat and watching football.

I believe that most of the world’s problems can be traced back to one single problem…Men behaving like Boys. When men will step up and be the humble, loyal, courageous, servant-hearted leaders God has called us to be, then more peace…

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