A Conclusion

For those who have endured inordinate mental and emotional trauma or circumstances, or for those who have otherwise found themselves in emotional turmoil, this article is a very thorough, concise layout of some very important considerations as pertaining to self and relationship that must be addressed. Treat this like a mirror to the soul, reflect upon it, determine if you find yourself anywhere within. And if you do, seek the assistance of someone, and especially God Himself. And perhaps even to discover or come to points of clarity about yourself will be empowering and freeing within itself. Feel free to ask me or the author of this article for advice, assistance or direction. May grace and peace be with you…

Out of the Mire

I’ve discussed myriad topics on this blog ranging from community, body image issues, forgiveness, faith, PTSD, and recovery.  I’ve also discussed something called ‘differentiation’ although I haven’t called it that.  Essentially, the work I’ve been doing to extract myself from the toxic and abusive relationship with my mother has been the work of ‘differentiation’.  Why is this an important topic?

Differentiation is a measure of intellectual and emotional maturity.  How differentiated we are determines how well we are able to think for ourselves under pressure, how well we are able to remain clear-minded within relationships and communities that are becoming stressful, and how well we are able to maintain our principles, ethics, and moral code even if others disapprove of us.  Doing the work of differentiation is key for any and all forward progress if we are to be successful in our relationships be…

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