What it means to be a Feminist

I think it’s important for us to listen and understand things that tend to otherwise be sensitive topics and alarming buzz words, such as feminism. If we take a long enough pause and really define feminism for what it is truly intended to be, from a puristic approach, without ulterior motive and dishonest bias, we will see that those of us who have a passion for equality and social justice, including men like myself, are actually feminists.

Of course, we seek fairness and balance, so there are no double standards. But again, I speak from a standpoint of genuine heart and perspective. And from this mindset, I find myself saying Amen to the following blog. Because of the justice and balance God has and is, He is appalled at imbalance and unfairness, which, in our world with respect to this, would make Him a feminist…and therefore myself too, unashamedly. (It takes a mature, studious eye to know how to mine the word of God with cultural and societal contexts in tact, and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what’s right in front of you. But I give you my word, it’s there.)

The erosion of pride is the beginning of sight.


By: Rhonda Nemri

Normally when people hear or read the word feminist, their own connotation of the word is different than other people’s definition of the word. People who have not considered looking into feminist literature or theory, have come to the conclusion(s) that all feminists are either lesbian, man haters, hate the world, hate women, or just want to be like a man. At times as a feminist you have to consider that even though these definitions may come off as offensive, you have to stop and think that these meanings that are given are not educational guesses, these are meanings that have been misinterpreted by society and passed along to others, in which has created ignorance. However, being a feminist is not something that you are born with. Women can realize they are a feminist in their adult years. I for one realized I was a feminist at the…

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3 Responses to What it means to be a Feminist

  1. feministtalk says:

    Thank you so much for this reblog. There is a lot of remarks towards feminism and religion. Some whom are religious believe that it is a mans duty to dominate and control because they believe that the bible tells them so. There are a lot of feminists out there whom believe Jesus was a feminist because of how he treated women and looked at women. There is also a statement by few feminists that state that the man who dominates and is in control, is in control because God is the utmost patriarchy so man replicates himself as God (powerful, control, domination). Because we automatically envision God as Man, therefor man is God. I am not saying all men are this way, but I am sure some men think this way. This is why we have all kinds of double standards and unethical standpoints, because people misinterpret the truth and turn it into their own idea. Which becomes a social construction and eventually a norm. Feminism and religion is always a touchy subject because there are feminists who are atheists, and there are feminist who believe in God, or some sort of higher power.

    Thank you for sharing my words with your followers, I hope I can continue to enlighten you.


    • I really like what you’re saying. Jesus emphatically made a point to embrace women, not only those He ministered to, but those that followed Him. There were an inner circle of women who were actually close to Him like the Apostle John, closer than the other disciples and people. And of course, anyone who ever taught or believed that men were supposed to dominate, control or otherwise dictate women, and dared to use the word of God as their validation, they were horrifically wrong, to the utmost degree. They either were ultra naïve in their understanding of the Bible and did not know how to search out the scriptures with fullness of context, or they were using the Bible as a crutch and excuse for their self-seeking, prideful, arrogant ways.

      Your comments also stir a few other points from within…

      One thing that people forget to adjust their subconscious tendencies to is that God made the original Adam in His image, and Adam had Eve ‘within’, embedded in himself. And even after she was physically separated from him to be her own being, God said He made them both in His image. So although He has indicated Himself as a Father to us, He clearly has the nurturing and sensitivity found so prominently in the female nature. Moreover, in addition to the many places that describe His character as Savior, Redeemer, Healer, Father…there are passages that also express His nurturing, nursing, caretaking nature even as a mother, most distinctly described in Isaiah 66:13.

      Also, though Christ was a Man (and fully God), and describes His people as His Body, the Church, He also describes them as a beautiful Bride for whom He is returning. And there are other passages such as, There is no longer Jew nor Gentile, man nor woman, slave nor free, but all are one in Christ Jesus.

      All throughout the word of God, He reveals this balance in the nature and equality of men and women. We were truly meant to be one with horizontal distinction only, and not vertical.

      Thank you Rhonda, for taking the time to comment. If you have any other thoughts or follow-up to this, will you please share them?

  2. feministtalk says:

    Thank you for sharing this specific perspective of religion and feminism.

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