Double-Standard Versus Women

I encourage you, the reader, to check out feministtalk’s blog and this post, Double-Standard Versus Women. She has come up in a society where the pressures and expectations upon her weigh very heavily compared to Westerners such as myself. So, as an advocate for justice and equality, I have an extra measure of respect for the boldness to step out into the freedom God has for her and everyone despite a Middle Eastern natural upbringing, which can be a very scary thing to do, especially if you find yourself alone often in these areas. May the grace of God and power of His word through this be very evident and effecting…


Double-Standard Versus Women.

Please feel free to read other publications/Authors from the Pastels Communication Journal.

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2 Responses to Double-Standard Versus Women

  1. feministtalk says:

    Thank You so Much. This means a lot for me. I appreciate your comments and willingness to express your thoughts on my blog.

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