A Secret Garden

There is a place we long for, a place that we seem to naturally seek out beneath the surface of everything in our lives. It is a place of true peace, a serene landscape of grace and rest. This place of ultimate fulfillment comes with great irony, which so many of us never get in a lifetime of journeying: true fulfillment is not filling up this place with the things we think we want and like as if to measure on the basis of quantity versus space remaining, but rather the emptying out thereof, and allowing things to pass through freely as a springtime breeze, with the ability to navigate in a broad place without the constriction of accumulation.

Of course, we ever have the tendency to hold onto things that must be laid down. It may be a memory, talent, vice, relationship, stronghold, gift, perception of yourself. The thing may be unhealthy, or it may be a good thing but being embraced with an inordinate grip, more tightly than it ought to be. There is an altar for such things.

Now this place is not an empty, stone tomb or prison cell, but rather a rich, lush garden, with winding trails and secret getaways. God is calling you to such a place, wherein is true joy and freedom, as you have never experienced. This holds whether you have ever really experienced God personally before or not. The more we release the things we hold, the more we create space for the place of freedom. And do not fear this release, for that which leaves our hands unto Him, if it was meant for us, will not leave our life.

Lay aside every weight and sin, which so easily besets you … Heb 12:1-2. Allow yourself to come undone…in a freeing, relieving way. We can approach Him, leaving sin and shame at the foot of the cross. From that point, as we draw closer, we must also lay down our good works, deeds, talents, abilities, giftings before Him. And it is from this place of release we simply enter, standing, or rather prostrating ourselves before Him with a humble sincerity. Just you. Not your past. Not your failure. Not your baggage. Not your circumstances. Not your abilities. Not your image, your esteem, your best or worst. Just you. And God.

And from that place, simply worship Him, call out to Him from your heart, talk to Him candidly, allow Him to touch your heart, even embrace your soul, speak to you, and receive you. Yes, let Him receive you, touch you, hold you. Welcome Him to personally encounter you from the depth of your heart. You were made for this. The healing you need, the clarity you seek, the fulfillment you lack, the freedom from what you have done and what has been done to you…it resides in its fullness in this place. I’m talking directly to you, and now. Come to Him, just as you are. Just you. That’s all He ever wanted. And you will find that it’s all you ever needed. It’s what you have been looking for all this time, dear one. Let’s go there…

Breathe out, that I may breathe in. Breathe in, that I may breathe out, my Lord, my love, my everything. I want to dance with You, sing Your song, live Your life. You won’t force me, control me beyond my will? Then may I synchronize my soul with You…may my heart beat in rhythm with Yours, may Your passion be the pulse of my veins. May my lungs be filled with Your exhale. I avail myself to Your serenade, just lead, I will follow, mirror Your movement, one to One. You stare at me through the lattice, and I am taken, drawn away to the secret place, a secret garden, with my Lord, my love, my everything.


About Eagles Point

Serving and supporting the needs of people in grace and compassion on an individual and community level.
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