State of American Society Address

Here are a few brimming, er, boiling thoughts from within as I navigate through the current state of affairs in American society as pertaining to objectification of women. This will by no means be able to contain all my observations and reactions. There is not enough space in cyberland for that. Besides, I generally do not have the time and patience to walk through the tedious path of exploring and expressing what lies within. Speaking allows me to do that in a much more tolerable forum.

The following is the response of someone to a recent ruling in New York dismissing charges for a man who had viewed and saved child pornography images on his computer for years. “You have to be kidding me. These are your children being exposed and exploited. Since when is a minor able to make a personal decision legally to exploit themselves or allow vile people to do what they want to make money off of them? The fact that Kent had any images saved on his PC constitutes affirmative action. And if he had not saved those 13000 images, if they were cached in his browser history folders, that constitutes proactive surfing and viewing! Where is your sense of dire responsibility and duty to the public and the future of our nation with your judgments? (BTW, I represent an untold multitude of people from my locality.)”

Here is a comment from a director of an aftercare organization while at a restaurant in DC. “So, I’m in this cafe and this guy next to me says on the phone to someone that after he goes to the Washington Correspondent’s dinner, he’s going to hit up some strip clubs. Then, 5 minutes later, he asks me if I’d like to go out with him late tonight. First of all, no thank you.”

Where are all the real men out there?! I know there are some, standing up for what’s right, doing right by their wives or significant others, but I just get stirred to a point of such unrest when I hear these stories, whether it’s excessively horrible decision-making from the bench, or pigs-for-men humans animalistically planning their poach on women, and with the nerve to try to act humane towards a colleague and friend of mine, and precious daughter of God, all in the same breath. And I can’t tell you how many times I have heard within the past couple months men all around me not taking care of their partners by the way they treat them, talk to them, interact with them—and with no apologies. And how many multitudes more, while perhaps not being this extreme, are living in selfish apathy?

Is it possible for a man to be that frustrated with his own gender, to the point of discouragement? Is it possible for someone to be a realist and an idealist at the same time? I want to lock every man in one big room and go to work on them, and not let one of them out until they are worthy of the women outside. While I have such a negative perception of men with respect to women, I also am a dreamer, and I believe in amazing miracles on all levels, including a reviving of men standing up with a real backbone, with humble faith, selfless servitude, and a restored dignity for their precious partners, our sisters and daughters.

When it comes to the exploitation of women, I find myself on three sides of the fence. First and foremost, my heart shatters for the women at how the men enslave and exploit them, and all the insane, vicious acts they endure and absorb upon their body and soul. That is a clear and unmatched number one. Secondly, my fists clench at the men and their sadistic, repulsive, beyond-reproachable ways. But thirdly, my heart breaks for the men at how sin enslaves and exploits their own heart and soul. It’s a three-way civil war that makes for some interesting intercession, to put it shallowly. Oh, and I guess I’m not including my disgust with how some unworthy social workers and counselors (that need fired on the spot) treat their clients so bad so as to re-traumatize those in their care.

Now, this issue has become so bad that there are women who have not only come to a place of accepting the basement level lowered standard of men out there, married and unmarried, but who have even made themselves available in various forums to talk to other women struggling with their significant other’s faithfulness—and not from the perspective of sympathizing with only the women, but also defending the men a little in the process!

One particular forum was addressing partners and wives whose men are engaged in pornographic adultery of the heart, whether videos and/or internet. The female moderator ‘encouraged’ the women, who were complaining and hurt by the lack of affection, intimacy, attention and overall interaction from their man, and how it made them feel degraded and less of a woman, or not good enough. This female moderator basically said that since porn is everywhere, women need to accept this fact, that if a woman will put herself out there, men will watch it. [That’s a lie. See myself.] And men just need sex, more than one woman may be able to provide, so they should not be offended. If it seems to be too much to deal with, women should talk to their man and perhaps strike up a compromise, where the man can slow down a little, or still try to be sensitive and affectionate with their significant. Women should simply learn to live with this, and work towards a balance, and hopefully men will give a little back.

Whether this moderator was actually a female or not, I’m not 100% sure. She did have an elaborate site set up well beyond this particular article and section. But…needless to say, my jaw went through the floor and bounced off the top of the devil’s head in hell before it returned to my palate.

I do not have the capacity to channel the oceanic river within into a portal narrow enough to script my response to this. But let me say this: the devil is a liar.

I’m done writing. I’ve had enough. Here’s a few closing thoughts to leave you with, taken from my Meditations page…

If a man says he loves you, find out what he wants: your body, or your heart. Deprive him of your body, and you’ll see what you really have in him.

Pornography, as with any area of the sex industry and any illicit behavior, is not only reinforcing the exploitation of women, but it’s also the exploitation and rape of a man’s own soul.


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