Divine Discontent (Do Something, remixed)

If you didn’t read Do Something, Lest You Do Nothing, this will capture the essence in concise form.

I’m tired…

I’m tired of having a word, longing, but no manifestation. I’m tired of waiting on things to come, on what I perceive to be ‘Him’…on myself. I’m tired of always having an ‘issue’ to work on that keeps me from ‘being ready’. I’m tired of always being in a stage of preparation. I need to be out there, and now.

This isn’t about being works-oriented. I’m secure in my faith and relationship with God. This has everything to do with a passion that sees other people working all around me, including those who don’t even know Him, and have more ‘issues’ than I ever had. And they are working, serving, doing. They didn’t wait on the perfectly opened door and feeling inside. They didn’t wait till they were in a perfect state to do the work. They didn’t wait till ‘their calling’ came, while passing up other things that “weren’t their gifting or calling,” or considered too low for them subconsciously.

My ‘calling’ is peripheral. It’s a way to define the mantle, but it shouldn’t define the person. What should define the person is simply meeting the needs of those within each one’s arm’s reach. That is the commission. That is the second great commandment. [We forget is equivalent in nature to the first.]

There must be a divine discontent with staying where we are, not stepping out within our realm of ability. Don’t make others do this alone. Don’t make those who don’t even know Him serve so selflessly and willingly without you. This has so much more to do with being available than being ‘ready’. Selfless availability is the grounds of readiness.

We must do something, lest we do nothing. How much longer in our comfortable, fragile little world as people suffer all around us?

“Refuse to do nothing!” -Saundra, 4the1.org

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Serving and supporting the needs of people in grace and compassion on an individual and community level.
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