In Authority, Under Cover

Many a discussion exists about spiritual warfare prayer covering…what to do and not do, say and not say, while ‘waging war in the spirit’, wielding our sword and bearing our spiritual armor. I was asked recently about how to keep a prayer covering in a situation for someone called to a place wherein was a drug addict, an ex-convict, and a witch (one who actually practiced and followed witchcraft on a deep level). It was assumed by their comments that I would go into detail of how to get the right people and groups praying for her the right way. Here is some of my response…

The first thing that must ideally be cultivated and nurtured is a posture of faith. I’m not talking about a flippant ‘believing, speaking, receiving’, or rebuking demon spirits. Some may think rebuking evil is spiritual warfare, but it is simply exercising authority over them, not necessarily waging spiritual warfare. It may accompany spiritual warfare, but it doesn’t define it. These things have often been taught with theological imbalance and spiritual misdirection.

Faith, in its purest form, is simply knowing God (thank God for how He used one of His dear servants, Dr. Lester Sumrall, to share this in such a special way)…knowing Him deeply, innately, personally, with a cultivated, deeply rooted confidence in who He is and who you are in Him, in which arises a natural sense of security that accompanies you like an entourage. It brings you to the place of learning what it really is to abide in the secret place of the Most High, and not just visit.

To bring your heart to a place like this takes the discipline of removing self-lowliness enough to accept His grace and promises as true, active and vibrant in your own personal heart and life. We must work to get over ourselves and that feeling of unworthiness, never being good enough, which can get a little complicating when we have a variety of loud reminders of our failures and trauma screaming in our ears.

His blood is far greater than the sum of the sins and failures of the world—so what makes us think our sin, our unworthiness, our failure, our inadequacy is more powerful than His cross, the single act that pins the quilt of humankind to the canvass of eternity?

Walking in this realm of receiving and walking in His promises is the experience of kingship and sonship.

To clarify, the position of a son in biblical times was greater than a daughter, but the Lord declared that we all, including women, receive sonship as our position in the kindgom. In other words, women are equal with men in His eyes…for there is neither male nor female, but all are one in Christ Jesus. Similarly, we have all been made kings, including women. Again, women are included as kings in the kingdom, as a king had a higher rank of authority than a queen, and God intends that men and women have equality.

We are seated right now—not one day—in the heavenlies with Christ Jesus, at the right hand of the Father (Eph2). We have to take time to cultivate these truths in our heart by very regular meditation.

The older we get, the more we are so used to staying the person we are in areas of un-sanctification as well as unbelief, spiritually lazy, never growing past a certain point in either area. So we never get to where God wants us to be in certain things. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Why are we as people so satisfied with where we are? It’s such a glorious life to live hungry. There’s nothing so fulfilling than to be hungry, so satisfying than to bear deep hunger pains for God, for His word, for His holy ways in our life.

These are the things that prepare the heart and soul to walk through valleys of darkness, adverse circumstances such as the one you find yourself in, where God Himself is your shield, your buckler, your covering, your shelter—where you learn to do Psalm 91:1, and you experience the rest of that Psalm because your permanent residency is the secret place.

Now when you walk in a room, you find yourself not so much immediately trying to bind and rebuke spirits near as much as simply walking in and finding that things begin to take note of you and back away or hide. That doesn’t mean you won’t be taking vocal authority over spiritual forces, but it does mean that when you do, it will be with great effect and movement in the spirit because you’ve lived and set your heart in such a way that opens a great valve for His authority to pour through emphatically.

I’ve seen it.

So, while it’s important to have people of faith covering you, it can’t be your only source of covering. Be confident, know who your God is, and train your mind to know who you are in Him and because of Him. Train yourself in the art of fellowship with the feeling of feeling-less faith. Don’t count on them to be there every time. Train your mind to wrap grace around memories of your imperfections and inadequacies, and as you seek to sanctify your life, and seek to grow in the authority and faith of God.


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