The Tarnished Medallion of Marriage

The marquee line in traditional wedding vows is, Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife (and vice versa)? But as the luster and beauty of a treasured medallion distorts by exposure to the elements, so are we allowing the sacred treasures of marriage to deteriorate with impatient, unbridled passions influenced by a selfish, pleasure-seeking culture and society. We have so many unlicensed drivers out there, driving down the road of intimacy, experiencing things that only married people were intended to share. Where do you find yourself in this, and where do you go from where you’re at? This one is a bit of a straight-shooter, but we all need that. As long as you understand that the following comes to you and me from the deepest bowels of grace and mercy…

Marriage is the most beautiful, intimate relationship that exists, and when a man and a woman enter into that covenant, they enter into a sanctuary of treasures that are found nowhere else. And we as humans have an innate desire to discover and experience these treasures with that special someone. However, we have come to a place where we are becoming as thieves, wanting to steal those precious treasures without relocating and moving into that sanctuary. There are certain things that make marriage a marriage. Besides the shared responsibilities of daily living, there are interpersonal privileges such as cohabitation and sexual interaction.

But little foxes have been systematically unleashed in our society throughout the years to come and spoil the tender vines of conviction towards things that lead to the eventual desensitization of the human conscience towards things once considered shameful or unheard of. That is, we have allowed our consciences to become seared enough to the point of defilement, where our conscience is not only incapable of perceiving the nudging or tugging of the voice of God, but it isn’t always able to even make accurate judgments on right and wrong! So, we now find ourselves struggling with the temptations of cohabitation and premarital sex, if we still even consider them to be out of place outside of marriage. But what led to this? What are the little foxes that came in as cute, innocent-looking little animals, but with ravenous, destructive capability with no regard for delicate treasure?

You have to be willing to first be honest with yourself that you don’t have all the correct judgments on what’s right and wrong, what’s good and bad, what’s helpful, neutral or detrimental. Then, you will be able to begin to see, with the help of the Holy Spirit cleansing your conscience, those little things that not only tempt you to do wrong or reduce or change your standards, but that even just simply drain the fullness or passion and desire to know God, those foxes that come to spoil your appetite for the word of God and the things of God. Remember, your enemy has an agenda. And he does not come out in the open to do battle. He maximizes his greatest tactic, deception, by sending out his agents, the little foxes, to courier the enticement of slowly altering God’s principles and standards until we have completely opposed His way.

In the area of marriage and relationships, particularly, foxes have come in wide variety, with promiscuity and immodesty, as if to walk people into a sanctuary [of marriage] without authorization, and handle the treasures therein unlawfully. And because these treasures are so desirable, people simply take these treasures with them. They don’t realize they have just robbed the sanctuary of God–a sanctuary He created just for them–and they are completely raping marriage of what makes it what it is. But that doesn’t have to be you, or at least anymore. You can draw a line in the sand. No matter where you are in your situation: married, unmarried, divorced, adulterer, promiscuous single, virgin. You can make a commitment to Jesus and your spouse or future spouse by keeping those treasures in the sanctuary, and not even allowing yourself to go in and peek at or handle what isn’t yours. He or she will be worth the wait.

Do you want your marriage to be everthing it’s supposed to be, everything it can be? Catch the little foxes that spoil the vines…for our vines have tender grapes. (Song of Solomon 2)


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