Adequacy in Disability

What do we do in the face of failure? How do we respond when our inability, our insufficiency, our imperfection place a mirror in front of us against our will and proceed to laugh and mock at us? Where can we go to hide from ourselves in these times?

Well, I know the answer is not to hide from them by artificial means. But there are those times when we wonder if we will ever be enough, ever measure up, and more so yet, be acceptable for who we are and not just what we have to offer others. I understand this may sound ridiculous, especially if some of us come across as having it all together, or being a very likeable or successful person. But we are all fragile, and reliant upon grace and provisions far more than we are willing to admit. Those who really understand this have either been forced to meditate on this truth because of circumstances, or they’ve taken a very rare path of consciously choosing to wrap their hearts in these contemplations willfully, on their own initiative.

But what do we do–what do I do, when I get that sinking feeling again, deep within, when I either come up short or feel the sense of exclusion from individuals or groups? When I am ultra-conscious of my disabilities that perhaps may not be as evident to the casual observer?

If you find yourself here, there is a garden, a solace, a gentle stream hidden in this very place, inaccessible any other way, straight from the deepest reservoir of God’s heart, just for you. And the gate is simple surrender. Come to Him, lie down, and stay. Don’t get up until He lifts you up. You will find new meaning to passages like, He leads me beside the still waters, and, He will lift you up on wings as eagles. And over time, it gets easier. You are able to smile in His beautiful face, and strength beyond your will rises within. We can learn to abide in this place, this secret place that the Most High has made for us under His wing.

From this abode, we become overcomers, not just survivors. We become more than conquerors, because we are operating through Him that loved us, in the place where His strength continually flows. If this is where you are, come to the garden. Come sit in the meadows. Drink of this stream. You will find you are not alone. He will be there. Look over far enough, and you will see me too. Grace and peace to the depth of your heart and soul.

Crossover at Eagles Point | a safe place of rest…


About Eagles Point

Serving and supporting the needs of people in grace and compassion on an individual and community level.
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