Who Goes First?

“God, please change my spouse / boss / sibling / etc…”

From a mother to her children…

You have been asking God to change the heart of your boss, friend, spouse, coworker, family member. Have you ever thought that God doesn’t want them to change till you begin to change first? Why do you keep behaving the same way when you say you want to be more like Him, walk in grace, in the Spirit? You are reacting the same way every time someone offends you, hurts your feelings, does something unloving to you. But you say you need to be more like Him. He will not come and make you more like Him. He already came where you are in His grace. But the highway of holiness is a path you use your own two feet on, now that His grace has given you the ability to do so.

Walking in the Spirit is not the anointing. It’s bearing His fruit amidst resistance, amidst the opportunity to obey the desires and ways of the flesh, in this case by not loving those who say all manner of evil against you falsely, who spitefully use you. Don’t reply to me with that “I’m not a doormat” excuse. Being a doormat is supposed to be referring to not putting yourself in a position where you continually get used. It’s not talking about the situations that are bound to come throughout life. So, when the opportunity comes, when someone hates you, uses you, deceives you, hurts you in word or deed, you are only, only called to love and grace.

*If you would practice responding well, we could focus on praying for their change. But until you do, we need to focus our prayers on you and your change.*


About Eagles Point

Serving and supporting the needs of people in grace and compassion on an individual and community level.
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