What is ‘Church’?

Do I dare begin to draw from this area of my heart, wherein several overflowing vats of liquid fire reside in a state of unsettledness? …of which one such vat is what we Westerners know to be ‘church’? Let me just say that when it’s time to do my thing, I’ll make sure it doesn’t look like a lot of what I know and see at large. I give you my solemn word on that. I simply won’t do it before I would ever replicate that. I must find a way to be what Jesus was, which coincides with what He commanded us, me, you, to do. He said go into all the world, and He did just that in His world…and the religious despised Him for it. Hmm, really? I’m going, whether you come with me or not. Come with me, though. There’s no place like it.

Why can’t we revolutionize with a pure passion and pursuit? We don’t have to settle for what is not happening in our world, our lives. Why can’t we spearhead or surround something new, something that is real and based on the founding principles, and in a way that we can truly reach and touch everyone, without acting like certain types of people are unfit, unworthy, too dirty or repulsive? …which is exactly what our behavior and attitudes scream. And, let’s do this one person at a time, so it’s real, genuine, out of sincere compassion, and not mere conviction or operation.

I’m really starting to get an idea of what this looks like. I know of some places that are really doing this. (I also know of some people and groups that do this in their trade and craft…you all are awesome to me.) I’m going to do this, be this. I’m absolutely, undeniably dissatisfied with a life that is anything else. It’s gotta be the real thing, else nothing.

What do you say? What do you really want out of life anyway? Are you really satisfied when you do all the receiving? Is it really all that?

CEP | a safe place of rest…

Inspired in part by a dear servant of God…your heart, what you do, and the way you do it is awesome.


About Eagles Point

Serving and supporting the needs of people in grace and compassion on an individual and community level.
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