All Things Through Him Who Gives Me Strength

Philippians 4:13…

I can do all things through Him because He is my strength, not my job, health, etc. I am not moved, strengthened by outward things. This passage is not a ‘be blessed’ verse, but rather a deliverance, inner court while in the valley (Psalm 23). God is not an escape artist operating as an undercover agent. It is a greater glory for God to deliver us in before we are out of the valley. Of course, there are some places we should never be, because of sin or excessive unpeace, or other things outside His will, for which He promises to always make a way of escape.

This verse comes at the heals of Paul expressing how he learned the secret to living in lack or abundance, sickness and health. He learned that Christ is his strength, not health or wealth. Therefore, he lived consistent despite times of lack or illness.

*We are vulnerable when we get away from Him, from intimacy with Him and His word.*


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2 Responses to All Things Through Him Who Gives Me Strength

  1. Papparaci says:

    Very touching Eagle. One of my favorites has always been Joshua 1:9. God bless.

    • Eagles Point says:

      Thanks…this isn’t always the easiest to do, but it becomes easier in the place of surrender to God.

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