Do Something, Lest You Do Nothing

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you frozen in time? Are you stuck in one place? Are you in a cycle of continual need for healing, support, and never able to quite break out of that funnel? Do you feel like you can never get out and do what you have inside you to do, what you know you’re called to do, what you want to do to serve and help others in need? Perhaps the following is a divine word for you personally…

The options become limitless when you give your mind to where your heart is. Whatever you feel within, don’t sit and do nothing. Pray God to turn up the heat till you can’t sit still any longer because the seat is too hot. God steers moving cars, not parked ones. He can help give you a jump if you need to, but you have to put yourself in gear and let off the brake.

We can’t sit back forever and expect God to bring everything to our front door. Remember the chains of those who are exploited and violated every night of their precious lives by 10 to 15 selfish, animalistic and often violent men. Remember those who have no parents, no real home, orphaned and empty, lonely and vulnerable. And while we ‘wait’ on the Lord, there are many others that have responded to the cause and the cries in a very similar spirit that David did when eventually confronting Goliath, without having to sit back and take so long before finally deciding to do something.

A great minister summed it up like this: do something, lest you do nothing.

One of the issues in my past was waiting for exactly what I thought God had called or gifted me to do, and accepting only that, while bypassing the plain, ordinary, unglamorous opportunities to meet people’s needs right in front of me. So God had to show me how selfish and narrow-minded that was, and that while I may one day do something exactly as I have seen it in my mind, God reserves the right to use any variety of seemingly unrelated and very ordinary steps to get me there.

So, as I finally got better at understanding this selfishness, I began to focus my subconscious excuses for not making myself available to serve on issues and hurts that needed worked out and healed in my heart and life. I would continually defer stepping out by saying that I just didn’t feel ‘ready in my spirit’, or that it was not yet the ‘season’ for me. Granted, I did have brokenness that needed some serious attention. But after so many years of having new problems and old issues to work through, finally something within rose up and said, you’ll never be ‘ready’ if you keep thinking like this.

I had to learn a life-changing lesson: it’s not about being ‘ready’. It’s about being available. I realized, driving home from work one day, swimming in tears and hurts that I was enduring, while also harboring a yearning to serve in greater ways, that I was tired of always having excuses as to why I wasn’t moving forward very much in really doing all that God has put in my heart to do. I mean all–the big stuff, the crazy stuff. I remember even hearing clearly during that car ride that I wouldn’t get anywhere near one third of what resides within me to do if I continue to be like this.

I realized I have been severely limiting God. He reminded me of those who don’t even know Him who have selflessly given themselves to serve far more admirably than I had ever done. I had been representing Christ so poorly to my world, to those in need. Many who didn’t know Him were doing a far better job for the cause of meeting people’s needs than me. Not to measure people’s service to others, and not that having peace and salvation from the Lord is based on the good deeds we do…it was simply a motivating factor for me at the time to come out of this shell, this box, and break out in a larger capacity than I ever had before.

So, by God’s grace, I was brought to a place of determination that it’s time to do everything within. Selfless surrender and availability to Him…with a genuine compassion for those in need.

So, if you find yourself in a similar place, bury yourself on the floor before His presence, don’t get up from that posture till His hand picks you up, and determine to find something now to do. You have a vision within that will never fully birth if you don’t allow something to come forth from you. How long do those who need you have to wait before you are going to do something to reach them? How many prayers and tears do they have to give before you make yourself available to be the answer that God sends?

And if you have hurts and damaged areas within in the meantime, the more you allow your heart to be broken for others, the more you are in the place where your broken areas will be mended by Him.

Grace and peace to you,

CEP | a safe place of rest…


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Serving and supporting the needs of people in grace and compassion on an individual and community level.
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